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Jessica Newhall, Founder - Steamboat Whiskey Company

Jessica Newhall

With her Master’s of Business Administration and considerable liquor distribution experience gained working for United States Distilled Products in Minnesota, Jessica has helped the company grow consistently year over year. She uses her working knowledge of the liquor business and the various distribution systems to manage marketing and distribution while also overseeing all day-to-day operations.

Nathan Newhall, Founder - Steamboat Whiskey Company

Nathan Newhall

As a former Navy SEAL, Nathan brings a unique balance of strict military discipline coupled with wildly unbridled innovation to every project he’s involved in. He completed a distillery apprenticeship at Quincy Street Distillery in Chicago, Illinois, under the guidance of Head Distiller Daniel Maguire and Owner Derrick Mancini, who continue to be helpful mentors. Nathan has developed multiple award-winning spirits and assembled a team of cutting-edge spirits professionals.

Ben McLaughlin, Head Distiller - Steamboat Whiskey Company
Head Distiller

Ben McLaughlin

Ben is incredibly smart when it comes to his approach to distilling. Originally from the Detroit area, Ben made his way to Colorado and found a home at Steamboat Whiskey Company. He is proud to continually be experimenting and researching new techniques.

“Being able to collaborate with the front-of-house on the fly to create new concoctions--and receive immediate feedback on our products--pushes us to adapt and re-invent on a daily basis.”

Shawnna Elmore, Head Chef - Steamboat Whiskey Company
Head Chef

Shawnna Elmore

Shawnna has been in the industry for over ten years traveling from Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between, and to put it simply, she really enjoys making tasty food for people. Her hobbies out of the kitchen include reading, hiking, kayaking, and even beekeeping.

“I love calling Steamboat home and look forward to continuing being creative both in and out of the kitchen.”

Matt Gorevan (and family), Regional Sales Representative - Steamboat Whiskey Company
Regional Sales Representative

Matt Gorevan

Originally from Northern New England, Matt and his wife moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2011. The promise of bigger mountains and wide open space for adventures drew them here. Now, with their son, they're loving Colorado even more. Matt met Nate and Jess back in 2014 when they were just getting started and became fast friends. Matt loves getting on his motorcycle and touring Colorado selling the distillery's awesome products.

About Us

The Company

Steamboat Whiskey Company is Steamboat Springs’s first and only distillery.

Located high in the Rocky Mountains, the distillery has established its place as the premier Northwestern Colorado Distillery by offering a distinctive portfolio of spirits crafted from high quality ingredients and mountain-born water.

Our products are made with love and attention, batch by batch, keeping an eye on traditional distilling practices while embracing unique and innovative product ideas, trends, and technologies.

The Team

Meet the talented group of folks who bring their passion and skills to the distillery every day to make amazing products, an outstanding atmosphere, and a memorable experience!