Steamboat Whiskey Company is a dream come true for founders Nathan & Jessica Newhall. The couple, originally from the Midwest, uprooted and headed west after an epiphany on their honeymoon. Why not open their dream distillery in Steamboat Springs!? It’s the perfect place to call home, a charming ski town nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, one that Nathan knew well as he had been coming here since he was old enough to be on skis. Most importantly, it has some of the best water in the Rocky Mountains, perfect for making great tasting whiskey.

Nathan moved to Steamboat to start scouting for the perfect spot right away. We needed a location with a lot of headspace, and we wanted something with character and a bit of history. After months of searching we landed on just the right place. Steamboat Whiskey Company is located in what was Steamboat’s very first Co-Op!  Built in 1947, it was the place a rancher would go to buy seeds or the latest farming machinery. It's been home to a myriad of businesses since, the most recent being a thrift store. We felt lucky. This building was one of few in downtown that had space for our equipment and still retained its original industrial look.

It was meant to be. One step closer to living the dream.

The demolition of the thrift shop was a beast of a project. Nathan completed most of it single-handedly with some help from family and friends, when one hand just wouldn’t do the job. We reclaimed as much wood as possible to use in constructing our bar. It was indeed a labor of love.  Along with a talented carpenter and the required professionals, Nathan completed the build out after months of late nights and countless man hours. We were finally ready to open. 

Another step closer to living the dream.

Nathan's passion for distilling was borne from a desire to help Veterans. Our first blended whiskey is a veteran tribute product called Warrior Whiskey. An idea Nathan had after serving as a United States Navy SEAL. It pays homage to America's fighting heroes and gives back a portion of the profits to vetted veteran support organizations. In addition to blending Warrior Whiskey, our distillery makes bourbon, rye, corn, and oat whiskey from locally sourced ingredients.  While these whiskeys age we are busy making our Ski Town Vodka, Sleeping Giant Gin, and various specialty spirits so we have something for everyone to enjoy, not just the whiskey buffs (or beginners) out there. Stop in for taste and a cocktail and be sure to let us know which concoction is your favorite. Our goal is your satisfaction.

We are grateful to be making spirits that give people a reason to come together and connect with one another. Whiskey is, after all, one of societies oldest social lubricants and has been at the center of social gatherings for millennia. Here at Steamboat Whiskey Company we aim to continue this tradition. 


Another step forward. We are living the dream now!

There are so many people we must thank for their support throughout this journey. We couldn’t have done it without your help and we are forever grateful. And our customers. Without you we wouldn’t be here. Thank you for supporting our passion for making premium spirits. We love y’all!


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